How to order

1. You can fill the order form that shown in this blog.
2. Please fill out the form completely.
3. I will respond via your email or phone number.
4. Make sure your phone number or email is always active
5. After you are getting a response from me, please make payment either in advance deposit to reserve or   booking your clothes as you want.
6. Payment must deposit 70% and above from the actual price.
7. All payment must be made within 3 working days.  
8.After that, I will tell you if clothes are ready for sale,please pay the full amount.
9. But..If the clothes are already sold, please pay the actual amount without making a deposit.

Your payment can be made through bank:-




*If you do not receive the order after payment please contact me through:-

  my phone number :- 017-4412489
  email :-
  facebook :- Ai Xin-Yan Lee

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